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Eurocode: Basis of structural design

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EN 1990 establishes Principles and Requirements for the safety, serviceability and durability of structures, describes the basis for their design and verification and gives guidelines for related aspects of structural reliability.


EN 1990:2002Eurocode - Basis of structural design
EN 1990:2002/A1:2005Eurocode - Basis of structural design

EN 1990 is intended to be used in conjunction with EN 1991 to EN 1999 for the structural design of buildings and other civil engineering works, including geotechnical aspects, structural fire design, situations involving earthquakes, execution and temporary structures. For the design of special construction works (e.g. nuclear installations, dams, etc.), other provisions than those in EN 1990 to EN 1999 might be necessary.

EN 1990 is applicable for the design of structures where other materials or other actions outside the scope of EN 1991 to EN 1999 are involved.

EN 1990 is applicable for the structural appraisal of existing construction, in developing the design of repairs and alterations or in assessing change of use.

EN 1990 may be used, when relevant, as a guidance document for the design of structures outside the scope of the EN Eurocodes EN 1991 to EN 1999, for:

  • assessing other actions and their combinations;
  • modelling material and structural behaviour;
  • assessing numerical values of the reliability format.
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  • News announcement

2nd EU-ASEAN Regional Workshop on Eurocodes - Singapore 9-10 October 2023

Experts from the EU and ASEAN Member States will share knowledge with representatives from competent organisations in AMS on the development and elaboration of wind and thermal maps for structural design with the Eurocodes. The event will provide an opportunity to learn and build on the experience.



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