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This page collects a number of news articles about the development, adoption, implementation and practical application of the Eurocodes, as well as facts and events announcements. You can search throughout the contents by using the available options or selecting the Eurocode(s) of interest.

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European Commission DG CLIMA: Guidance on climate adaptation of buildings

The European Commission DG CLIMA has issued a report that collects and synthesises existing methods, specifications, best practices and guidance for the construction and renovation of buildings into two documents, namely a Technical guidance and a Best practice guidance.

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Second generation Eurocode 7: training materials are available on NEN website

There is a strong interest in the second generation of Eurocode 7 across Europe and the world. For further dissemination of information about the changes in Eurocode 7, NEN has set up a webpage with free links to recordings and presentations of the previous training events and webinars.