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Eurocodes evolution overview

CEN/TC 250 Sub-committees have prepared slide decks to give an overview of the evolution of the Eurocodes for their second generation. A slide deck is available for each Eurocode, covering all its parts and a separate slide deck describes the horizontal issues.

Learning Corner

Worked examples

Explore the documents with complete worked examples on specific parts of structural and geotechnical design with the Eurocodes.



The JRC has developed visuals to support the dissemination of the second generation of the Eurocodes.


Check a compiled and updated list of commercial and freely available Eurocodes software.

Eurocodes Tools

NDPs Database

The JRC is responsible for the maintenance, development and use of the Database with the Eurocodes Nationally Determined Parameters (NDPs Database) adopted in the countries applying the EN Eurocodes.


The JRC administrates the centralised Eurocodes Helpdesk that provides a link between users of the Eurocodes, National Standardisation Bodies and CEN/TC250.

Worldwide interest in the Eurocodes

Worldwide interest in the Eurocodes

Check the countries that have expressed interest or have adopted the Eurocodes

Many countries outside EU-EFTA have shown interest or have already adopted the Eurocodes. The JRC is collecting and managing the information on the Eurocodes worldwide status and presents such information in a map that is regularly updated.

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Use beyond EU

There is a considerable interest in the use of EN Eurocodes outside EU

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Eurocodes Glossary
JRC Support to the Eurocodes