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Eurocodes: Building the future

Second generation of the Eurocodes: what is new?

CEN/TC 250 subcommittees prepared a set of slides providing general and specific overviews of the evolution of each Eurocode into the second generation.

Key changes

The second generation of the Eurocodes incorporates improvements to the existing suite and extends its scope. The new suite will ensure the standards remain fully up to date through embracing new methods, new materials, and new regulatory and market requirements, namely:

  • Promoting further harmonisation and improving the practical use of Eurocodes for day-to-day calculations (ease-of-use);
  • Introducing requirements for the assessment, re-use and retrofitting of existing structures;
  • Strengthening of requirements for robustness;
  • Developing a new Eurocode on structural glass;
  • Advancing pre-normative work on fibre-polymer composite structures (FRP), tensioned membrane structures, and respective CEN technical Specifications.


Key changes second generation Denton
Denton, 2022, Eurocodes Awareness Workshop Cambodia


What is new in the 2G: slides

Download a presentation with an overview of the evolution of each Eurocode for the second generation.