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Eurocodes: Building the future

Learning Corner

The JRC collects a wide range of publications, technical reports, scientific articles and background documents related to the Eurocodes.

Discover all the material published to support the adoption, implementation and practical use of the Eurocodes such as the training kits distributed during the Eurocodes Workshops, reports with worked examples, dissemination material and guides with an overview of the changes in the second generation of the Eurocodes.


The JRC collects a wide range of references and publications related to the Eurocodes in a variety of formats and languages.

Search for Eurocodes related publications and guiding documents.

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Background Documents

The Background Documents Database is a source of information on the theoretical justification of the Eurocodes technical rules, on the recommendations for the NDPs and on the National decisions about the choice of the NDPs.

Explore the Background Documents on the Eurocodes.

Training material

Worked examples

Explore the documents with complete worked examples on specific parts of structural and geotechnical design with the Eurocodes.

Leaflets and booklets

Do you need an overview on the Eurocodes?
Download the leaflets and booklets on the Eurocodes.