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Eurocodes: Building the future

Eurocodes national implementation

Member States, National Authorities in liaison with National Standardization Bodies and other relevant parties, are responsible for the design and set-up for an appropriate Implementation Plan for the Eurocodes in their country.

Member States should adopt the Eurocodes as a suitable tool for designing construction works, checking the mechanical resistance of components, or checking the stability of structures.

Commission Recommendation 2003/887/EC

National implementation plan

As part of the national implementation plan, National Authorities and National Standardisation Bodies, when an EN Eurocode Part is made available, should:

  • translate the Eurocode Part in authorised national languages;
  • set the Nationally Determined Parameters to be applied on their territory;
  • publish the National Standard transposing the EN Eurocode and the National Annex, containing the national choice on the NDPs and reference to non-contradictory complementary information, and notify the European Commission;
  • adapt, as far as necessary, their National Provisions so that the EN Eurocode Part can be used on their territory: as a means to prove compliance of construction works with the national requirements for "mechanical resistance and stability" and "resistance to fire" as a basis for specifying contracts for the execution of public construction works and related engineering services;
  • promote training on the Eurocodes.

During the Coexistence Period, both the National Standard transposing the EN Eurocode and any existing national standard can be used. At the end of the Coexistence Period of the last EN Eurocode Part of a Package, the National Standardisation Bodies should withdraw all conflicting National Standards.

State of implementation of the Eurocodes in the EU

State of Eurocodes implementation SfP brief online
States of Eurocodes implementation version online

The report presents the results of the enquiry on the implementation of the Eurocodes in the EU Member States and Norway, which was performed by DG GROW and DG JRC of the European Commission in 2014-2015. The analysis of the state of implementation of the Eurocodes in the EU Member States and Norway concludes that in 23 EU Member States and in Norway the Eurocodes are implemented. The identified restrictions imposed by existing National Regulations which define technical rules different from the provisions of the Eurocodes, indicate that there is need of a Commission Recommendation on the regulatory environment for use of the Eurocodes.

Choice for the level of safety

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