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News announcement11 April 2024

Impact of climate change on the corrosion of the European reinforced concrete building stock

Discover the recent JRC study examining the impact of climate change on concrete buildings in Europe, including projections for corrosion onset, repair costs, and welfare loss by 2100.

 Infographics Corrosion Report JRC137288


The new JRC Technical Report 'Impact of climate change on the corrosion of the European reinforced concrete building stock' reveals the extent of climate change effects on the corrosion of the reinforced concrete building stock in Europe due to carbonation of the concrete cover. Recent buildings constructed to current European standards are less susceptible to corrosion than the old ones built in 20th century. The projected cost for the EU Member States to repair the carbonation-triggered corrosion by the year 2100 is expected to reach approximately EUR 76 billion under the Representative Concentration Pathway 4.5 (RCP4.5) scenario based on moderate mitigation action, and EUR 883 billion under the extreme RCP8.5 scenario, where no mitigation action is undertaken. The study proves that if there would be no climate change, the depth of carbonation would be much smaller than the depth of the concrete cover and would not lead to corrosion process. 

The report underscores the significant economic and structural health challenges posed by climate change induced carbonation and provides policy recommendations to speed the adaptive measures across the EU Member States.




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11 April 2024 (Last updated on: 11 April 2024)
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