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Eurocodes: Building the future


This page collects a number of news articles about the development, adoption, implementation and practical application of the Eurocodes, as well as facts and events announcements. You can search throughout the contents by using the available options or selecting the Eurocode(s) of interest.

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  • News article

Adoption of the Eurocodes in Kenya

Kenya is shifting steadily from its national building codes related to the constructor sector to the European Standards for construction - the Eurocodes.

  • News article

Eurocodes adoption in North Macedonia

On 2 September 2020, the Eurocodes were officially adopted as national codes for the design of construction works in the Republic of North Macedonia.

  • News article

What could Brexit mean for Eurocodes?

An interesting article was recently published based on the interview with Dr Steve Denton, CEN/TC250 Chairman, for the New Civil Engineer Magazine.