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WORKSHOP - on the Adoption of the Eurocodes in the EU New Member, Accession and Candidate Countries

07 - 09 November 2005,  3 days

Venue: JRC Ispra, Italy

Organizer: ELSA, JRC

EN Eurocodes are intended by the European Commission services and the Member States to become the European recommended means for the structural design of works and parts thereof, to facilitate the exchange of construction services (construction works and related engineering services) and to improve the functioning of the internal market.

In order to take into account specific geographical, geological or climatic conditions, as well as specific levels of protection applicable in their territory, Member States may need specific parameters and the Eurocodes therefore contain Nationally Determined Parameters.

They are however encouraged to co-operate to minimise the number of cases where the Nationally Determined Parameters differ from the recommended values. They should also promote instruction in the use of the Eurocodes, especially in engineering schools and as continuous professional development courses for engineers and technicians.

As part of the Joint Research Centre's activities to support the enlargement and integration of the European Union, the workshop was dedicated to assisting the transfer of the acquis communautaire (the body of EU legislation and standards to be implemented and monitored) to the New Member, Accession and Candidate Countries.

Applies to Eurocodes: