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Eurocodes: Building the future
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Eurocodes: a tool for building safety and reliability enhancement

EU-Russia cooperation on standardization for construction

The workshop was intended to be an information broker event for gathering and making available information on the EU and Russia Standardization and Certification Systems for construction.


The following main objectives were pursued:

  • Presentation of the European Standardization and Certification System, of the basic concepts of the EN Eurocodes and of the prepared tools for their implementation (training courses, designer's guides, worked examples, handbooks, manuals, design aids, software).
  • Overview of the possibilities for co-operation in reducing the divergences in standardization and in achieving improved building design from integrated safety and security viewpoint.
  • Identification of the specific needs for enhanced business and technical cooperation between EU and Russia.
  • Setting-up of a network of institutes/experts aiming at information exchange and scientific and technical cooperation.


All workshop material is available to download: see "Further information".


In particular among "Additional material" are available the following:

  • The Eurocodes: Use outside EU, booklet in Russian
  • The role of EN 1990: the key head Eurocode, booklet in Russian

Practical information

Moscow, Russian Federation
- Europe/Rome
Central Europe/Rome
Joint Research Centre