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COMBRI Design Manual part I - Application of Eurocode rules

Other (N/A) by Ulrike Kuhlmann, Benjamin Braun, Markus Feldmann, Johannes Naumes, Pierre-Olivier Martin, Yvan Galéa, Bernt Johansson, Peter Collin, Jörgen Eriksen, Hervé Degée, Nicolas Hausoul, José Chica, Joël Raoul, Laurence Davaine, Aude Petel

Published in Sweden,
Universität Stuttgart, 2008 COMBRI_Design_Manual_Part_I_English.pdf

This design manual is an outcome of the research project RFS-CR-03018 “Competitive Steel and Composite Bridges by Improved Steel Plated Structures - COMBRI” and the successive dissemination project RFS2-CT-2007-00031 “Valorisation of Knowledge for Competitive Steel and Composite Bridges - COMBRI+” which have been funded by the Research Fund for Coal and Steel (RFCS) of the European Community. Within the RFCS research project essential knowledge has been acquired to enhance the competitiveness of steel and composite bridges and this has been incorporated in the design manual at hand which has been also presented in the frame of several seminars and workshops.