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"Member States should promote instruction in the use of the Eurocodes, especially in engineering schools and as part of continuous professional development courses for engineers and technicians."

Commission Recommendation 2003/887/EC


Training on the use of the EN Eurocodes

In order to achieve an adequate application of the EN Eurocodes, Member States, National Standardisation Bodies, Technical and Scientific Organisations and the construction industry must be ready to use them. To this end, extensive continuing training is required.

Training of staff is the responsibility of Industry, in cooperation with National Authorities and National Standardisation Bodies.

Three levels of training will be needed depending on the audience, as follows:

  • Level 1 deals with the policy of Eurocodes implementation, National Annexes, co-existence with National Codes, the Eurocodes system, etc., aimed at National authorities, National Standardisation Bodies and senior personnel in the companies.
  • Level 2 is introductory courses to each individual Eurocode.
  • Level 3 comprehensively describes design examples of a number of typical structures using a particular package of Eurocodes.

In order to assure consistency between Member States and to facilitate transfer of knowledge between Eurocodes writers (CEN/TC250 SCs and PTs) and potential national trainers (building officials, industry, scientific community, technical organisations) the European Commission is supporting the writing and publication of promotional material on the Eurocodes (leaflets and booklets) and is organising a number of training/promotion seminars/conferences in collaboration with CEN/TC250 and its SCs, Member States and interested industry:

This web site serves as platform for exchange and dissemination of training and promotional material.