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Test Standards

Test standards are part of the comprehensive system of European standards relating to construction. They are intended to be used for the determination of material and product properties required for the design of buildings and other civil engineering structures with the EN Eurocodes. In particular, test standards related to the EN Eurocodes comprise testing for materials, e.g. concrete, masonry, timber and metallic materials, non-destructive test methods as well as fire tests.

Test Standards related to the EN Eurocodes
EN 12350 Testing fresh concrete
EN 13791 Testing concrete
ENV 13381 Fire tests on elements of building construction
EN 1365 Test methods for fire resistance of load bearing elements
EN 10002 Metallic materials – Tensile testing
EN 10045 Metallic materials – Charpy impact test
EN 594 Timber structures – Test methods – Racking strength and stiffness of timber frame wall panels
EN 1075 Timber structures – Test methods. Testing of joints made with punched metal plate fasteners
EN 1380 Timber structures – Test methods – Load bearing nailed joints
EN 1381 Timber structures – Test methods – Load bearing stapled joints
prEN 12512Timber structures – Test methods – Cyclic testing of joints made with mechanical fasteners
EN 772 Methods of test for masonry units
EN 846 Methods of test for ancillary components for masonry
EN 1015 Methods of test for mortar for masonry
EN 1052 Methods of test for masonry
EN 571 Non-destructive testing – Penetrant testing
EN 13068 Non-destructive testing – Radioscopic testing
EN 444 Non-destructive testing – General principles for radiographic examination of metallic materials by X and gamma rays

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