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Prospect for New Guidance in the Design of FRP


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Authors: L. Ascione, J-F. Caron, P. Godonou, K. van IJselmuijden, J. Knippers, T. Mottram, M. Oppe, M.G. Sorensen, J. Taby, L. Tromp; Editors: L. Ascione, E. Gutierrez, S. Dimova, A. Pinto, S. Denton
Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union
Publication type
JRC report


Over the last twenty years, many innovative solutions have confirmed the usefulness of composite structures realized with FRPs (Fibre Reinforced Polymer or Plastic). The need of European standards for use of fibre-reinforced polymer composites in civil engineering was justified in 2007 in the JRC Report EUR 22864 EN. The new European technical rules will be developed using the existing organization of CEN/TC250. The present report has been worked out in the frame of CEN/TC250/WG4 activities. The report encompasses: • Part I, which introduces the policy framework and the CEN/TC250 initiative • Part II, which gives a prospect for CEN guidance for the design and verification of composite structures realized with FRPs The report presents scientific and technical background intended to stimulate debate and serves as a basis for further work to achieve a harmonized European view on the design and verification of such structures. This has been the main impulse to include the work item of the Fibre Reinforced Polymer Structures in the Mandate M/515 with high priority.


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