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Eurocodes: Background & Applications. STRUCTURAL FIRE DESIGN. Worked examples


Publication date
O.Vassart, B.Zhao, L.G.Cajot, F.Robert, U.Meyer, A.Frangi
Publication type
JRC report
Worked examples


This document is a report with worked examples presenting the fire resistance assessment of structures according to the Eurocodes. The authors were involved in the preparation and/or assessment of the Eurocodes structural fire design parts. Each chapter of the report focuses on a specific structural material (i.e. steel, concrete, masonry, etc.) and addresses the principles and design methods followed by worked example(s). The provided information illustrates the basic design methods through examples of application. It will allow any designer to get a good understanding about the fundamentals of the fire parts of the Eurocodes and to carry out fire resistance assessments of various structures. The materials were prepared and presented at the workshop “Eurocodes: Structural Fire Design” held on 27 28 November 2012 in Brussels, Belgium. The workshop was organized by JRC with the support of DG ENTR and CEN, and in collaboration with CEN/TC250 Horizontal Group - Fire. The document is part of the Report Series ‘Support to the implementation, harmonization and further development of the Eurocodes' prepared by JRC in collaboration with DG ENTR and CEN/TC250 “Structural Eurocodes”.