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Eurocodes: Building the future


Abbreviations and definitions.


BRCWBasic Requirements for Construction Works
CENComité Européen de Normalisation (European Standardisation Organisation)
CEN/TC 250CEN/TC 250 - CEN Technical Committee 250 "Structural Eurocodes"
CCMCCEN-CENELEC Management Centre 
CPRConstruction Products Regulation (305/2011)
DAVDate of availability of the EN Standard []
DoWDate of withdrawal of a conflicting national Standards []
EADEuropean Assessment Document
ECTPEuropean Construction Technology Platform
EEAEuropean Economic Area
EFTAEuropean Free Trade Area
ENEuropean Standard
EN EurocodeVersion of Eurocode approved by CEN as a European Standard
ENCEurocodes National Correspondents
ENVEuropean pre-Standard
ENV EurocodeVersion of Eurocode published by CEN as a pre-Standard ENV (for subsequent conversion into EN)
EOTAEuropean Organisation for Technical Assessment
ESOEuropean Standardisation Organisations
ESTEPEuropean Steel Technology Platform
ETAEuropean Technical Assessment
FPFramework Programme
hENHarmonised European Standard
ISOInternational Organization for Standardisation
NCCINon-Contradictory Complementary Information for the use of EN Eurocodes at the National level
NDPNationally Determined Parameter
NSBNational Standardisation Body, recognized at the national level, that is eligible to be the CEN National Member []
PPDPublic Procurement Directive
SCCStanding Committee on Construction
TCTechnical Committee
TABTechnical Assessment Body