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Second Generation of Eurocode 7 - Improvements and Challenges

Eurocode 7 is known as the European standard for geotechnical engineering design and is widely considered as a great success story. The second generation of the standard is currently being drafted by the CEN/TC250 SC7 and will represent a significant step forward towards further harmonization and efficient guidance for geotechnical design.

This online webinar, organised by ISSMGE ERTC10, CEN/TC 250/SC7 and delivered in partnership with NEN, aims to encourage geotechnical engineering professionals across Europe and the world to engage with the Eurocode 7 experts. Currently the next generation of the codes are being prepared.

Learn first hand about the upcoming changes and meet the experts digitally as they present the improvements and challenges.


15:00 Welcome from ISSMGE ERTC10

15:05 Introduction to Second Generation of Eurocode 7

15:40 Interactive session

16:10 Ensuring Reliability in the new EC7

16:35 Deriving the Ground Model

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ISSMGE ERTC10, CEN/TC 250/SC7 in partnership with NEN