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Design of Retaining Walls to Eurocode 7

The design and construction of retaining structures forms an integral part of many civil engineering projects. They comprise a number of elements and may restrain the soil by virtue of their mass, or because they are embedded, propped and/or anchored. To design a retaining structure it is necessary to understand the soil and its behaviour, the ground water conditions, how wall is constructed and how the soil and the structure interact.

This one day course covers the design of mass and embedded retaining walls in accordance with Eurocode 7 and has been specifically developed for engineers who want to be able to design retaining walls and for those who wish to update their knowledge of retaining wall design. Eurocode 7 represents a marked change in UK practice and there will be significant demands on those undertaking geotechnical designs to appreciate, understand and apply the new approach. However it does provide a more rigorous and robust approach to retaining wall design than previous design codes and makes a positive contribution to design.

The course takes a logical and considered approach to modern retaining wall design with four key themes: Capability - Scope, options and decisions; Ground - Assessment, classification and decisions; Wall - Design, interaction and performance; Build - Sequence, practicalities and reality. The key themes will enable the delegate to understand, appreciate and apply best practice in retaining wall design. Tutorial examples are used throughout to illustrate the principles of design and construction and delegate participation is actively encouraged. A basic knowledge of engineering principles is assumed, but the course will not require a detailed knowledge of soil mechanics and geotechnical engineering. The tutor is a Chartered Civil and Structural Engineer with extensive experience of civil, structural and geotechnical design, including practical use of Eurocode 7. He has worked in the UK and overseas for major consultants, contractors and joint venture operations.

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