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5th ERTC Seminar - Novel elements in the Second Generation of Eurocode 7 - Ground model, representative values and reliability-based verification of limit states

Eurocode 7 is known as the European standard for geotechnical engineering design and is widely considered as a great success story. The second generation of the standard is currently being drafted by the CEN/TC250 SC7 and will represent a significant step forward towards further harmonization and efficient guidance for geotechnical design.

The 5th webinar organised by CEN TC 250 SC7, ISSMGE ERTC 10 "Evaluation of Eurocode 7" committee and NEN focuses on Ground model, representative values and reliability-based verification of limit states. 

The event will be 2h long and it is free of charge. Registration is now open here.

The lectures will cover aspects of the new version of Eurocode 7 related to:
- Assembling the Ground Model for design - presented by Håkan Garin
- Selection of representative values of parameters, how to get from derived to design values - presented by Jose Estaire
- Reliability-based methods as alternative to use of partial factors in design based on calculations - presented by Timo Schweckendiek
- Some very interesting design examples (e.g. use of probabilistic methods in FEM calculations in line with Eurocode 7) - presented by Alexandra Ene

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