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Standardisation for 2G Eurocodes

The European Commission issued the mandates M/466 and M/515 to CEN for amending the existing Eurocodes and extending the scope of structural Eurocodes. It was requested that at least one additional structural Eurocode on structural glass and substantial additions to the existing codes, to be developed as part of the action at European level. They shall at least cover:

  • assessment, re-use and retrofitting of existing structures;
  • strengthening of the requirements for robustness;
  • improving the practical use for day-to-day calculations;
  • new Eurocode on structural glass;
  • incorporation of ISO Standards in the Eurocodes family, such as atmospheric icing of structures and actions from waves and currents on coastal structures.

Although they are not included in the present scope, it is envisaged that the mandate may be amended in future to include the development of further additional structural Eurocodes covering FRP structures and tensile membrane structures. The standardisation work programme includes:

  • the development of new standards or new parts of existing standards (vertical approach);
  • the incorporation of new performance requirements and design methods (horizontal approach);
  • the introduction of a more user-friendly approach, in several existing standards (horizontal approach);
  • a technical report on how to adapt the existing Eurocodes and the new Eurocode for structural glass to take into account the relevant impacts of future climate change.

In May 2013 CEN sent to the European Commission a detaliled working plan in reply to M/515. Over 1000 experts from across Europe have been involved in the development and review of the document. The CEN/TC250 work programme encompassed all the requirements of M/515 EN, supplemented by requirements established through extensive consultation with industry and other stakeholders. The set-up of the Project Teams on the work programme finished in December 2015 and the publishing of the complete set of new standards is expected in 2020.

Document CEN/TC 250 N 1250 "Policy Guidelines and Procedures" provides the policy guidelines and procedures to be followed in preparing EN Eurocode Parts in response to EU Commission Mandate M/515. The document provides information relevant to the Project Teams for the work programme for M/515. Download here the updated version of document CEN/TC 250 N 1250.