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CEN/TC250 produces the EN Eurocodes

The EN Eurocodes are developed under the guidance and co-ordination of CEN Technical Committee 250 (CEN/TC250) "Structural Eurocodes". Delegates of the CEN National Members are represented in CEN/TC250 and its Subcommittees.

CEN/TC250 has the overall responsibility for all CEN work on structural design codes. Also, it is the responsibility of CEN/TC250 and its SCs, under the CEN rules, to maintain the EN Eurocodes within their remit.

It is the responsibility of CEN/TC250 and its Chairman to manage all the work, including establishment of general policies, programmes and strategies for the Eurocodes, and to oversee their implementation. Also to support and guide the Subcommittees in achieving those policies objectives in the drafting work. The CEN/TC250 has:

  • Chairman: Steve Denton;
  • Vice Chairs: Michael Fardis and Gerhard Breitschaft;
  • Secretariat: The British Standards Institution (Tracey Wilkins).

CEN/TC250 is made up by the Coordination Group, Management Group, Chairman's Advisory Panel(s), two Horizontal Groups, five Working Groups and eleven Subcommittees.

You can download the latest Business Plan from CEN/TC250 Page.

Structure of CEN/TC250