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Recommendations related to the EN Eurocodes

EU Recommendations and Opinions are not binding but express the Council's or Commission's view on policy to the Member States or to the individuals to which they are addressed. Whilst Recommendations and Opinions are not legally binding, they allow the institutions to make their views known and to suggest a line of action.

In the Commission Recommendation 2003/887/ECCommission Recommendation 2003/887/EC, 48kB

on the implementation and use of Eurocodes for construction works and structural construction products, the European Commission recommends that Member States should:

  1. Adopt the Eurocodes as a suitable tool for designing construction works, checking the mechanical resistance of components, or checking the stability of structures.
  2. Lay down the Nationally Determined Parameters (NDPs) usable in their territory.
  3. Use the recommended values of the NDPs provided by the Eurocodes.
  4. Compare the NDPs implemented by each Member State and assess their impact.
  5. Refer to the Eurocodes in their national provisions for conformity assessment.
  6. Undertake research to facilitate the integration into the Eurocodes of the latest developments in scientific and technological knowledge.
  7. Promote instruction in the use of the Eurocodes.