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Technical Cooperation between ISO and CEN

CEN works closely with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) following the Agreement on Technical Cooperation between ISO and CEN (Vienna Agreement), formally approved in 1991.

The Agreement recognises the primacy of international standards, but also recognises that particular needs (of the Single European Market for example) might require the development of standards for which a need has not been recognized at the international level. The prioritization of ISO work is also such that in some instances CEN needs to undertake work which is urgent in the European context, but less so in the international one.

As a result, the agreement sets out two essential modes for collaborative development of standards: the mode under ISO lead and the mode under CEN lead, in which documents developed within one body, are notified for the simultaneous approval by the other.

The benefits expected from the use of this agreement include:

  • avoidance of duplication of work and structures, thus allowing expertise to be focused and used in an efficient way;
  • increasing the speed of elaboration, availability and maintenance of standards.

ISO Standards related to EN Eurocodes
ISO 2394 General principles on reliability for structures
ISO 3898 Basis for design of structures – Notations – General symbols
ISO 13822Bases for design of structures – Assessment of existing structures
ISO 10137Basis for design of structures – Serviceability of buildings against vibrations
ISO 12494Atmospheric icing of structures
ISO 9000 Quality management and quality assurance – Vocabulary
Quality management systems – Fundamentals and vocabulary
ISO 2631 Mechanical vibration and shock – Evaluation of human exposure to whole-body vibration
ISO 4355 Bases for design of structures – Determination of snow loads on roofs
ISO 13847Welding steel pipeline
ISO 18273Welding consumables – Wire electrodes, wires and rods for arc welding of aluminium and aluminium alloys – Classification
ISO 11003Adhesives – Determination of shear behaviour of structural adhesives

EN ISO Standards related to EN Eurocodes
EN ISO 13501Fire classification of construction products and building elements
EN ISO 1363 Fire resistance tests
EN ISO 17760Permitted welding process for reinforcement
EN ISO 15630Steel for the reinforcement and prestressing of concrete: Test methods
EN ISO 12944Paints and vanishes. Corrosion protection of steel structures by protective paint systems
EN ISO 28970Timber structures. Testing of joints made with mechanical fasteners requirements for wood density
EN ISO 14688Geotechnical investigation and testing – Qualification and description of soil
EN ISO 14689Geotechnical investigation and testing – Description of rock
EN ISO 15630Steel for the reinforcement and prestressing of concrete: Test methods