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Designing with Eurocodes – The Essentials (EN1990 and EN1991)

25 May 2010,  1 day

Venue: Birmingham

Organizer: Thomas Telford

The Eurocodes are becoming the required design standards for all building and civil engineering works in the UK, Europe and across the global construction market. They provide a common platform for structural design and will replace the current British Standards for design in the UK in March 2010.

There are two Eurocodes that must be utilised for every design irrespective of the construction material. These are EN1990 The Basis of Structural Design and EN1991 Actions on Structures. What will I learn: What these underpinning codes require of the designer?; How they operate and interact with the Eurocode suite of design codes?; The challenges and opportunities for the designer?; How to ensure you comply with the requirements of Eurocodes?

This one day course has been specifically developed to support the practising designer in the transition to Eurocode based design for building structures. It will enable you to understand the essential requirements of these two codes for your structural design, how they operate and support you as Eurocodes integrate into your design practices.

The course takes a logical and considered approach to Eurocode design for building structures with two key themes: EN1990 The Basis of Structural Design (Scope, objectives and concepts of the Eurocode suite; Design requirements, limit states and design situations; Design variables, verification and application); EN991 Actions on Structures (Densities, self-weight and imposed loads; Snow loads; Wind actions; Thermal actions; Actions during execution; Accidental actions).

These two key themes will enable you to understand, appreciate and apply best practice in Eurocode design. Tutorial examples are used to illustrate key principles and delegate participation is actively encouraged.

The tutor is a former director of the Construction Division, and the Centre for Construction Codes and Standards at BRE. He has extensive experience of structural design, computer aided design and legislating for public safety. He is currently the Chairman of the two key Eurocode committees and an advisor to the European Commission and the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister. He is also a Visiting Professor at Imperial College, London and has published numerous papers and publications.

Applies to Eurocodes: