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Worked Examples for the Design of Concrete Structures to Eurocode 2


Publication date
Anthony Threlfall
CRC Press and Spon Press (imprints of Taylor & Francis)
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Book & Designer Guide
Worked examples


This practical design guide illustrates through worked examples how Eurocode 2 may be used in practice. It presents complete and detailed designs of six archetypal structures, civil structures as well as buildings. And it caters to students and engineers with little or no practical experience of design, as well as to more experienced engineers who may be unfamiliar with Eurocode 2. A short introduction outlines the fundamental objectives of design and referring to relevant sources of information for loads and material properties. This is followed by the worked examples, each preceded by a description of the structure and explanation of the design procedure: - A multi-storey office building with basement and raft foundation - A high-rise building with shear walls, supported on piled foundations - A portal frame structure with spread bases - A large underground reservoir with flat slab roof - A buried rectangular tank - An open circular tank It can be used as a stand-alone book; or as a more detailed companion to Reynolds's Reinforced Concrete Designer's Handbook, now in its 11th edition, but not reproducing material already contained in the Handbook. Calculations, dealing fully with both the analysis of the structure and the design of the elements, are provided in a form similar to that used in the Handbook. Reinforcement details conform to the recommendations contained in the third edition (2006) of the Standard method of detailing structural concrete, and are supplemented by a commentary on the bar arrangement. This comprehensive treatment of the variety of structures to the new code make this a unique and invaluable work.