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Commentary and worked examples to EN 1993-1-5 "Plated structural elements"


Publication date
B. Johansson, R. Maquoi, G. Sedlacek, C. Müller, D. Beg
Office for Official Publications of the European Communities
Publication type
JRC report
Worked examples


A Joint Report prepared under the JRC - ECCS cooperation agreement for the evolution of Eurocode 3. This joint ECCS-JRC report is part of a series of background documents in support to the implementation of Eurocode 3. It provides background information on the specific issue of plated steel structures addressed in EN 1993-1-5. For the design of plated steel structures, the rules for shear lag effects and plate buckling that have been specified in EN 1993-1-5 may look novel for many practitioners who so far have been acquainted to traditional national rules. These rules draw their reliability and satisfactory applicability not so much from time-testing, but from systematic evaluations of test results to prove compliance with the European reliability requirements and from a certain amount of worked examples and more and more emerging successful practical applications. This commentary is meant to provide the following: - The background of the rules, - Their reliability basis, - Explanations on how they are meant to be used, - Some key examples.


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