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News article1 March 2020

First major project in East Asia designed to Eurocodes

A truly international project, the Temburong Bridge in Brunei opened to traffic on 17 March 2020. The New Civil Engineer Magazine notes that the Temburong Bridge is the first major construction project in East Asia designed to the Eurocodes. The bridge is a 30 km long dual two-lane highway crossing over the Brunei Bay and connecting the relatively isolated Brunei district of Temburong to the other three Brunei districts and to the country's airport and ports. The design of the two cable stayed bridges in Brunei is one of the first applications of the Eurocodes to a fully concrete cable stayed bridge.

You can read the full article in the New Civil Engineer here. Additional technical information on the bridge design has been published by Carlucci et. al (2015).

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1 March 2020
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Not associated with a specific Eurocode