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Eurocodes: Building the future


The JRC collects a wide range of references and publications related to the Eurocodes in a variety of formats and languages and aimed at a target audience of engineers, students and Standardization Bodies. You can browse books, manuals, designer’s guides, reports, other types of publications and presentations searching for each Eurocode or using the available options to search for publications of interest.

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Design Manual for Composite Slabs

This manual is based on Eurocode 4, part 1.1 chapters 7, 10 and Annex E which deals with composite construction, as well as Eurocode 3, part 1.3 which considers the design of profiled steel sheeting…

Design of Joints in Steel Structures - UK Edition

This book is the second in a series of joint SCI-ECCS publications. It will help provide UK engineers and designers with a better understanding of the design principles in the European Code of…

Design of joints in steel and composite structures

This volume elucidates the design rules for connections in steel and composite structures which are set out in Eurocode 3 and 4. Numerous examples illustrate the application of the respective design rule.

Design of Steel Structures

This book is the first in a series of Brazil – Portugal joint publications, a series we believe will be extremely helpful in guiding the Brazilian structural engineers through the changes that the…

Design of Steel Structures

This book details the fundamental concepts of Eurocode 3, Part 1-1: General rules and rules for buildings and their practical application. Following a discussion of the Eurocode 3 basis of design,…