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The way forward for the Eurocodes implementation in the Balkans

All countries in the Balkan region reported significant progress in the process of Eurocodes adoption in 2016 at the workshop in Skopje. During the workshop, it was concluded that most of non-EU countries in the region are going to use the Eurocodes as primary standards. Though most National Standardization Bodies (NSBs) reported that have adopted the Eurocodes as standards, they are used in parallel with existing national codes as none of non-EU Balkan countries have implemented the Eurocodes in the national regulatory framework.

The workshop "The way forward for the Eurocodes implementation in the Balkans" is organized in order to assist non-EU countries in the Balkan region to respond to these challenges and facilitate the process of Eurocodes implementation in the national regulatory framework in the non-EU countries in this region. The workshop will provide the necessary technical assistance in support of the Eurocodes introduction into the national regulatory environment, which is a basic step in the full implementation.

Experts from the EU Member States will share knowledge with the representatives from competent organizations in the non-EU Balkan countries on technical methods and techniques underpinning EU policy implementation. The presentation of selected countries as case studies will support sharing EU Member States experience and serving as best practice examples for non-EU Balkan countries. The event will provide an opportunity to build on the experience, initiatives and difficulties concerning the implementation of the European standards and policies for construction in the Balkan Region.

The workshop is organised by the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission with the support of the JRC Enlargement and Integration Action, the General Directorate of Standardization of Albania, CEN CENELC Management Centre and CEN/Technical Committee 250.

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