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Tensioned membrane structures

Tensioned Membrane Structures have unique properties compared to the more conventional built environment. Besides their low self-weight and high flexibility these structures are known to be 'optimally' constructed, as they are only loaded in tension. It results in shapes adapted to the flow of forces and a minimum of material needed to realise the span. Despite a considerable amount of scientific knowledge exists, only few design codes are available. A common standardised approach as well as a comprehensive European design standard is needed in order to provide verification techniques, a common pool of design approaches and to achieve a harmonized safety level.

An international team of researchers, engineers, architects, material producers and manufacturers has been working on the pre-normative JRC report “Prospect for European Guidance for the Structural design of Tensile Membrane Structures”, to provide background information in support of the implementation and development of a future Eurocode for the structural design of tensile membrane structures. The Eurocode will not only assist and support the industry and engineering offices but will also encourage potential clients to choose these sustainable applications.

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