Use of EN Eurocodes outside EU-EFTA

There is a considerable interest in the use of EN Eurocodes outside EU by countries:

The EN Eurocodes may be used for the above purposes, because they are:

CEN guidelines for the dissemination of EN standards

CEN and its members own the copyright exploitation rights of all CEN deliverables. A clear distinction is made within the CEN rules between two types of use:

CEN supports any actions aimed at disseminating the results of its work and encourages the adoption of European Standards as National Standards in countries outside the CEN area. All use of European Standards is subject to an agreement signed by CEN and the country that wishes to use the standards. CEN/CENELEC Guide 10 CEN/CENELEC Guide 10, 142kB establishes the agreed policy for the distribution and sales of CEN/CENELEC publications.

Interested parties (National Standards Bodies, …) should address CEN:

Gonçalo Ascensão
Programme Manager – Industry, Technology & Infrastructure – Standards
CEN - European Committee for Standardization
Avenue Marnix 17
B-1000 Brussels
Tel: +32 25 50 08 45
Fax: +32 25 50 08 19

National Authorities should contact the European Commission:

Manfred Fuchs
European Commission
Enterprise & Industry DG
Construction, pressure equipment, metrology
B-1049 Brussels
email: construction@ec.europa.eua