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Velodrome Stadium of Marseilles - new roof


3-D steel structure


SEEAC / Fhecor Consulting Engineers

Didier Rogeon

Ellipse in plan: 258m x 251m
The velodrome stadium of Marseille, built in 1938, and partially remodeled in 1998, is fully modernized and in full compliance of international standards with a view to the 2016 European championship. The reconfiguration of the stadium would allow an increase of its capacity of 7000 seats and would be able to compete with the stadiums of other great European cities. The central element in the renewal of the stadium is the new roof. It is a three dimensional 5500 tons steel structure which covers the seating area and provides a modern and innovative quality to the stadium. The temporal union of companies forms by SEEAC and FHECOR consulting engineers are responsible for the construction project of the steel structure.