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Steel structure (temporary mobile structure)

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Stageco Belgium

Mark Fisher

Nomination of Nemetschek Engineering User Contest 2011 (Category: Special projects)

Main structure height: 28m
Pylon height: 51m
Width: 60m
Depth: 44m
Weight: 310 tons
This project is about one of the largest stages ever toured in any field of entertainment. The structure’s central grid was raised 28m high, with legs transversing the width of a soccer pitch and a central antenna reaching as high as 51m. The steel structure weighs 220 tons, excluding both the 90 tons of steel ballast that travels with each system and the rigging loads. Stageco has produced three identical systems for the band’s world tour, each one taking a specialist Stageco team five days to erect and other two days to dismantle, before being packed onto 38 trucks for transportation to the next venue.
The modelling and design is carried out with the software Scia Engineer according to the EN Eurocodes.