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Tagus River crossing at Carregado



Prestressed concrete bridge

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Length: 1700 + 972 + 9228m
Deck width: 29.95m
The Tagus River Crossing at Carregado connects the A10 and A13 Motorways and involved an investment of approximately 200 million Euro.
The crossing is approximately 11900 m long raising to a maximum height of 30m. It comprises three main structures: a 1698m long North Viaduct, the Bridge over the Tagus River itself about 972m long and the South Viaduct with a length of about 9228m.
The viaducts are made of reinforced and prestressed concrete decks with ribbed slab decks, with 36 m typical spans and foundations by means of up to 50m deep 1.50m diameter pier/piles. The North Viaduct was cast-in-place by means of launching girders, while the South Viaduct was built with precast pretensioned U-shaped beams. The Bridge over the Tagus River is a single reinforced and prestressed concrete box girder with 130m typical spans. The lateral cantilevers are supported by sloped tubular struts that rest upon the box webs.

The whole crossing was designed to the Eurocodes, namely EC2 and EC8.