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Sports hall Gruda - roof structure



Glulam girder

Municipality Konavle

Igor Franićfrom project office SZA Ltd.

Total floor area: 2658 m2
Area coverage: 13464 m2
Span of the hall: 36 m and the girders are on the distance of 5m
Dimensions of the girders: 2x22x250cm.
The covering roof layers are not at the top of the roof Glulam girders but they linearly hit the girders so that the upper part of the girders in the compression zone are above the cover. The dimensions of the girders are 2x22x250 cm. The material is GL 36h. The bracing system is above the structure and the cover and it has special types of connection system to take over the forces from very high temperature differences and very strong wind called bura. Structure is situated near the Adriatic Sea so the snow is negligible.