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Sport Center - roof structure




City of Samobor

EdvinŠmitfrom project office Arhing 2

Total area: 5910 m2
Three main parts:
1) main hall for 600 visitors: 36,5x45m, 9m high
2) swimming pool: 12,5x25m,10m high
3) two smaller halls: 20x15m, 6m high
Span of the truss (simple supptorted beam): 36.5m
Distance between two main girders: 5m.
Loads on the structure:; 1. cover layers:# 1.3 kN/m2; 2. basic snow load:# 1.5 kN/m2; 3. wind load:# 0.45kN/m2; Dimensions of the truss elements after the design were following: upper chord is triple 3x20/48 cm, bottom chord is also triple 3x20/60 cm. Lattice fill are double 2x20/30cm for members which were in compression before prestressing and 20/30cm for the members which were in tension before prestressing. Diagonal lattice fill are connected to the bottom and the upper chord by steel plate with thickness of 28 mm. A steel plate is welded in the upper steel plate of the joint steel box.
The secondary elements (purlines) consist of two steel profiled sheet Haironville MPB Profile T 150/280 and bear the loads from the cover layers, snow and wind. The static system of the steel sheets is continuous girder on two spans with bearing capacity 2x3,65 kN/m2. The thickness of the sheet is 0.88mm. The Glulam class is BS 14h. After checking the ultimate limit state and serviceability limit state and the stability