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Roof of the Liège railway station



Steel dome

Euro Liège TGV

Bureau Greisch

Santiago Calatrava

Length: 200m
Height: 35m
The roof of the new Liège-Guillemins railway station is a dome made of steel and glass with an area of 30000 m². It covers the tracks used mainly by the high-speed trains connecting Paris to Cologne. In the absence of bracing, transversal stability is supplied by the lateral canopies. The aluminium supports of the glass panels are designed to follow the deformations of the structure.
The dome was progressively constructed on the site of the station and moved to its final position on temporary supports. During these operations, the tracks remained in service. The lateral canopies were mounted in-situ.
Eurocode 1 was used for the dead load of the roof, as well as the loads due to crowd, snow and temperature. Eurocode 3 was used for the design of elements in bending, local buckling, plastic redistribution and global instabilities.