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Roccaprebalza Viaduct



Composite box – girder externally prestressed

A15, Autocamionale della Cisa S.p.A.

Prof. Ing. Giuseppe Mancini

Length: 624m
Width: 12.40m
Height: 82.0m
The Roccaprebalza Viaduct is a highway bridge built on the A15 motorway between Parma and La Spezia. It is a composite steel and concrete structure, built using the balanced cantilever method. The deck is continuous along five spans and is completed by one isostatic span. The total width is 12.40m and carries two traffic lanes. The in-plan configuration of the deck is curved with two opposite radii of 400m and 900m. The height of the tallest pier, P2, is 82.00m and the height of the shortest pier, P5, is 13.50m.
The structure was designed following EN 1992-1-1, EN 1992-2, EN 1994-1 and EN 1994-2. The steel webs were designed for buckling according to EN 1993.