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Railway Bridge at station 5+078


Under construction

Bridge with prestressed concrete box girder deck erected span by span

Saudi Railway Organization

Acciona Ingeniería S.A.

Total length: 489.5m each viaduct
Double track deck width: 12.5m
Single track deck width: 7.5m
Railway Bridge 5+078 is one of the bridges designed for the Segment A (Makkah – Jeddah) of Al Haramain High Speed Rail Link between Makkah and Madinah in Saudi Arabia. It 5+078 consists of two parallel structures carrying double and single track respectively. The span arrangement is the same for both structures: 15 spans 29+2x36.5+27+2x34+2x36.5+29+23+29+3x36.5+29m long, with a total length of 489.5m from station 4+837.400 to station 5+326.90 (double track axis). This bridge allows the railway link to cross over several existing roads together with Makkah Fourth Ring Road, which passes under fifth and sixth spans.
The deck is divided into three continuous sections separated by means of structural expansion joints. The first continuous section, 299m long, goes from abutment A1 to pier P9. Between pier P9 and P10 a simply supported span is provided, and the final section, from pier P10 to abutment A2 is 167.5m long. Each one of the decks consists of a post-tensioned box girder for the longest two continuous s