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Prestressed concrete structure of oil tanks



Prestressed concrete tanks



Outstanding domestic concrete construction 2010, Czech Concrete Society.

Capacity: 35 000m3
Inside diameter: 47.8m
Height: 27m
Four oil tanks, each with capacity of 35 000m3, were built in 2011 in the Czech Republic. The concrete structure which is completely prestressed has an inside diameter of 47.8m and a height of 27m. The tanks are composed of a concrete foundation slab, cylindrical walls and a spherical shell forming a dome. The tanks are designed as double skin structures. The external prestressed concrete shell carries all mechanical loadings. The internal skin is made of a double layer laminate, where a monitoring system is able to detect any damage in an internal laminate layer. The construction started with a foundation slab cast in three stages. The walls were cast using a slipform, which allowed for a construction of a jointless cylindrical watertight shell. Finally the dome was cast inside the tank on the low scaffolding. Then the dome was lifted using suspension on bars and anchored in its final position by additional prestressed bars and mild reinforcement. After completion of the technological corridor and access to