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Orchidea Towers


Office Building

Europolis Orhidea BC

Inginerie Structurala srl

Winner Special Jury BIM Prize of Nemetschek Engineering User Contest 2011

Height: 82.8m
Gross built area: 77 000m2
Typical storey height: 3.7m
This project comprises two adjoining office buildings in the shape of a butterfly. The site is located on the left side of the Dambovita River where three underground aquifers had to be dealt with. The composite structure is made out of steel and reinforced concrete. As Romania is situated in a seismic zone, the most important and decisive verification was the checking of the structure against earthquake. The basements were analyzed together with the superstructure. In this way the entire behaviour of the building was taken into consideration. The soil structure interaction was taken into account by modelling the soil as a Winkler elastic support area. Design was performed according to the Eurocodes.