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New crushing line



Industrial building

Carmeuse SA

EBC sprl

Nomination of Nemetschek Engineering User Contest 2011 (Category: Design of Industrial buildings and plants)

This project concerns the installation of a new crushing line in order to increase the production capacity of the international group Carmeuse, leader in the production of calcitic and dolomitic limestone. The first unit of this new line is made up of a hopper and a crusher. The hopper can receive up to 4 dumpers, each with a load of 60 tons. The crusher has a self weight of 84 tons and its dynamic loads have an effect on the whole structure. Analysis model is made of plates, shells and beams. Steel structure is based on a foundation via concrete elements.
The design of the structure was performed with Scia Engineer with the use of dynamics, elastic support and concrete reinforcement functionalities. The design was carried out according to the Eurocodes.