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Multifunctional Sports Arena - Velodrome Roof

Novo Mesto


Steel roof structure

Dipl.-Ing. Matjaz Zabkar

d.o.o. Slovenia

The structure consists of 21 cross frames. The span of the cross frames varies from 49.7m to 88.2m. The main truss girders are 3.2m high and curved just as the shape of the roof. On each end the truss girder passes into a spatial column which measures 1.6m at the top and 1.2m at the base. The cross width of the columns measures 2.4m. In the longitudinal direction there are three main planar truss frames with a span of 116.6m. On each side of the main frames there are also two rows of stability girders and stability beams in between. Both primary frames and secondary longitudinal girders consist of segments placed between cross frames to form the spatial structure.
The main goal of the project was to cover an existing outdoor 250 m long velodrome track with a steel structure and membrane covering and turning the facility into a multifunctional sports arena with the ability of organizing sports events including athletics. The main structure measures about 117.8m in length and about 92.6m in width. The highest point of the structure measures 23.2m above ground. The structure consists of truss frames in both directions with additional stability beams and diagonal bracings. The design and optimisation of the steel structure were done according to the second order theory and the Eurocode 3 standard. The block foundations were designed automatically with consideration of the built in Eurocode 7 standard. Earthquake calculation was also done with consideration of the built-in Eurocode 8 standard and use of modified design spectrums.