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Intesa SanPaolo - Central Offices Building



High rise building, combining concrete and steel and composite structures

Intesa SanPaolo

Sintecna srl
Fhecor Consulting Engineers

Renzo Piano

Height: 167m
The 167m high tower will house offices and operative areas of the Intesa SanPaolo Bank in Turin, Italy. The project includes also service and leisure areas, a congress center, bioclimatic garden and a restaurant on the upper floors.

The building is designed with reinforced concrete cores and steel structure. The foundation is a 4.30m deep reinforced concrete block, poured at once with self-compacting concretes and heat hydration control. There are six enormous so-called “megacolumns”, external to the skeleton of the building and aligned on the east-west facades, which transferr together with the cores all the vertical loads to the foundations. The internal columns begin from a structure, located at around 40.0m above the ground level, which carries the lower floors, dedicated to exhibitions and the auditorium. The main wind bearing elements are triangular systems with great stiffness along the east and west facades and in axis 10, as well as the central reinforced concrete core with dimensions in plan 2