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High-speed Railway Bridge over the Po River



Cable-stayed bridge

RFI - Italian National Railway

Mario Paolo Petrangeli

Length: 1200m
Main span: 192m
Height: 71m
Deck width: 15.7m
The new High Capacity/High Speed railway connecting Milan and Bologna crosses the Po river near Piacenza. There the river is usually 350m wide and covers a 1km-wide area between embankments, so the cable-stayed bridge is actually the most notable part of a 1200m-long work. The bridge features three spans of 104m, 192m and 104m, the main one being the longest in the world operated at speed up to 300km/h, 360km/h being the design target. Researched aesthetics has been developed in this project, when structural needs have been merged with environmental impact requirements.
Several tests on physical models have been carried out prior to construction, most of them by ELSA Laboratory of the European Commission's Joint Research Centre.
Eurocode 1 - Actions on Structures - Part 2 - Bridges has been implemented into the "Istruzione n.I/SC/PS-OM/2298 del 2 giugno 1995 agg. 13 gennaio 1997: Sovraccarichi per il calcolo dei ponti ferroviari - Istruzioni per la progettazione, l'esecuzione e il collaudo" adopted to design