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Grand Hotel and Mdeirej Viaducts



Prestressed concrete bridge

Conseil de Dévelopement et de Reconstruction

Mario Paolo Petrangeli

Length: 430m (Mdeirej)# 310m (Grand Hotel)
Number of spans: 11 (Mdeirej)# 8 (Grand Hotel)
Height: 70m (Mdeirej)# 27m (Grand Hotel)
Average span: 40m
Width: 33.30m
The Saoufar-Mdeirej highway connecting Lebanon and Damascus comprises two major prestressed concrete viaducts called Grand Hotel and Mdeirej. The two viaducts feature a continuous deck on 8 (Grand Hotel) and 11 (Mdeirej) spans with a total width of 33.3m constituted of two carriageways of three lanes and an emergency lane each. The continuous girders have been obtained by precast beams connected in situ by prestressing bars and external tendons. The deck is seismically isolated.
Eurocode 8 - Design of structures for earthquake resistance - Part 2 Bridges, was used to check the bridge and the elastic seismic isolation devices.
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