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Diagonal Zero Zero Tower



Steel and concrete tube-in-tube structure

Consorci de la Zona Franca de Barcelona

MC2 Estudio de Ingeniería


Best Office Building Leaf Prize 2011
9th place Emporis Skyscraper Award Year 2010
Prize Quatrium to the Best Architectonic Project by Grupo Vía 2010

Height: 118m (110m above the ground)
Gross floor area: 32 000m2
The 27-storey high ZeroZero Tower reaches the height of 118 m. Its basic structural arrangement corresponds to a “tube-in-tube” type system, consisting of a double vertical tube system formed by the inner core working together with the facade, connected through the floor slabs. Even though the core is the fundamental resisting element for the horizontal loads, the contribution of the facades, formed by a double assembly of inner vertical columns and outer sloping elements, is essential.
The basic structural arrangement of the building corresponds to the tube-in-tube type system. The inner tube is constituted by the concrete core, the cross section of which reminds of a diamond tip, practically homothetic to the floor perimeter. On the other hand the outer tube is composed of an innovative structural steel double layer, configuring the building image. The interaction between both tubes is guaranteed by means of the floor slabs, without any inner column or outrigger connecting the inner core to the outer f