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Charles de Gaulle Airport - Roof structure



Metal roof construction

Airoport de Paris

Baudin Châteauneuf

Nomination of Nemetschek Engineering User Contest 2011 (Category: Design of industrial buildings and plants)

Total surface: 120 000 m2
Total length: 770 m
The project concerns the metal roof construction covering the central body of the new boarding satellite 4 of Paris Airport - Charles de Gaulle. This structure, with an area of 14500 m2, consists of tubes, spread over a grid of 16m x 16m, supporting a network of beams and trusses. The whole roof has a weight of 1000 tons. A 3D global model was used for the stability and expansion joints. The design was conducted according to the Eurocodes and the full functionality of Scia Engineer was used for the input and the manipulation of objects.