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Bridge over Wadi Kuf - rehabilitation

Wadi Kuf


Cable-stayed bridge

Government of Libya

Emanuele Codacci Pisanelli
E.D.IN. (seismic analysis)

Length: 477m
Main span: 282m
Height: 134m
Deck width: 13.30m
This bridge, designed by Riccardo Morandi and built more than thirty years ago, moved backwards, with the simply supported girder at midspan ending almost off its original supports. The resulting creep was much greater than it was supposed to be at the time of construction. The rehabilitation project included strengthening of the stays with additional outer cables, increase of deck prestressing and replacement of bearings and joints. The assessment of the bridge under seismic actions was carried on according to the new criteria now currently adopted.
Eurocode 8 - Design of structures for earthquake resistance was used to check the bridge under a PGA of 0,35g.