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Bridge over Comercio Street (Atocha Railway Station)



Steel truss bridge

Administrador de Infraestructuras Ferroviarias

MC2 Estudio de Ingeniería

Total length: 129.50m
Main span: 45.50m
Width: 17.35m
This structure provides south access to the future railway hub of Madrid Atocha station. A steel truss spans both the calle Comercio and the suburban railway line C-5. The structure consists of 2 lateral steel trusses set on either side of the railbed and connected to each other by means of built-up steel beams every 3.5 m. These beams support a reinforced concrete deck slab which is connected to them so as to configure a composite-action system.
The length of the rail alignment segment between the bearing pads at the abutments is 129.50 m. The arrangement of these bearing pads is skewed to the railway alignment: slightly at abutment E1 (17.75º) and considerably at abutment E2 (56.99º).
Eurocodes were used in the design for loads, steel, concrete and composite structures design, together with Spanish Loads Standard, IAPF, also based in Eurocode action loads.